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Kate takes an ambulance ride by Ann Treacy
January 3, 2010, 11:03 pm
Filed under: Dublin

Last summer when we came to Ireland Kate was kind of sick the whole time. A couple of months ago (in Minnesota) Kate got pneumonia. So this time around I’ve been watching her more closely. We’ve all been sick. Aine threw up our first day here – but no one loves a barf bucket like Aine. I’ve been sneezing nonstop and Lily has been coughing her head off. But none of us breathe like Kate. She sounded terrible this morning. So we decided to take her to the hospital. (No doctors’ offices available on a Sunday.)

So we took the cab to St Vincent’s. It’s not too far from the house. Unfortunately, Vincent’s does really take kids. Also their outpatient department isn’t open on Sunday. Fortunately they would at least triage us. In fact they were very kind. The oxygen level in Kate’s blood was too low. So they sent us to Crumlin’s Children’s Hospital.

When they found out that we didn’t have a car they arranged an ambulance. They even put on the sirens so we could get through the lights more quickly. I’ve never been in a moving ambulance. Kate was nervous but the EMTs put her at ease. And when we got to Crumlin, they wheeled us right into a room. Vincent’s had called ahead and warned them that we were coming.

So at Crumlin they ran a bunch of tests, including a chest x-ray. Her oxygen level never really got better – but she didn’t have any other signs of sickness. They gave her some oxygen and that made her feel a ton better – but in the end they sent us home. So we’ll keep an eye on her.

We ended up taking a bus into town from the hospital, having dinner at Bewley’s, then bus home. Nothing like a bus home from the hospital to make you feel like a really quality parent!

For folks who are keeping tabs on healthcare policies throughout the world. Our trip to the hospitals cost 100 euros. I let Patrick talk to the accountant types. They knew that we were from Minnesota and that Patrick was Irish but there didn’t seem a ton of questions. There were no questions about payment until we were leaving Crumlin. Credit card was fine. A trip to the doctor would have been 60 euros. Apparently from the doctor we could have received a referral that would have taken care of the hospital bill – but I have to say for the service we received 100 euros was an amazing price. (I’ll post an update if we get an unhappy bill in the mail.)

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Too much excitement for week one!
We’re thinking of you all.

Comment by Katie

We’re hoping it settles down now. Our bad sign of the day is that the heat appears to not be working. Could be a cold one!

Comment by Ann Treacy

Love to hear hospital stories with happy (or at least not unhappy) endings. Glad to learn that your experience seemed a good value. My last visit to Mayo Clinic Rochester for physical and tests required an overnight stay (at the Kahler Hotel). I was amazed by the couple I met that night at a nearby restaurant. A youngish couple from Ireland had come to Rochester MN from Ireland speciifically because of the poor healthcare in their home country. They apparently felt it was necessary to come across the world for their annual check-ups.

That made me very suspicious about National Healthcare. Our Federal Gov just spent 8 Billion dollars to rewrite 30,000 mortgages which ended up costing taxpayers more than $800,000 per mortgage. I’m pretty sure that is not who I want managing healthcare especially when this admin can’t even define healthcare adequately.

But Kate had her ambulance adventure and is apparently okay. May she continue to enjoy her experiences and good health!

Comment by Bob Conroy

BTW… I love the format of your Blog! (I will alert/remind the BCers that you are doing well and that the blog is fun to check out.)

Comment by Bob Conroy

Bob – I hope it went well at the Mayo.

Comment by Ann Treacy

I hope Kate continues to feel better. She is not unlike Rush Limbaugh who also experienced wonderful care when he had chest pains in AZ and had to go to the hospital. Our Cait did not have as pleasant an experience in the Irish hospital but fortunately she survived. Ann I hope you got the article I sent on government apps for citizen involvement?

Comment by Mary

Welcome back, sorry to hear you had to bring Kate to hospital hopefully she is feeling better. Hopefully we will catch up soon as we hope to be in Dublin before the end of the month.

Comment by Paul Jordan

Paul – Patrick will be phoning soon. I hope we are able to catch up soon. We were thinking about how treacherous the drive around Dromahair must be!

Comment by Ann Treacy

Hope Kate is feeling better. Reminded me of Rowan’s trips to hospital for pnemonia last winter. (So far so good this year for us.) Fun to see your reports on the odd weather in Ireland. It can be fun to have a city stop cold for a while – though I’m sure you are beyond the fun point now. Wishing you more typical Dublin weather soon.

Comment by Kevin Somdahl-Sands

Kate’s better. Not great, but better. Apparently this pneumonia takes a while to shake.

Aine heard Galway mentioned on TV the other day and immediately asked me about Brenna! In fact Brenna has been a hot topic ever since.

Comment by Ann Treacy

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