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Snow days in Dublin by Ann Treacy
January 8, 2010, 4:27 pm
Filed under: Dublin

It’s 28 degrees in Dublin today. There’s almost an inch of snow on the ground and the kids are off school again. It’s a snow day.

The girls were supposed to start school yesterday (Thursday). But on Wednesday the announcement was made that the school would be closed on Thursday and Friday. Rumor has it that it will be closed Monday too. Criminy! (Update from Saturday morning – schools have been closed in Ireland until Thursday!)

The temperature in Dublin has been hovering between 23-35 degrees since we got here. It has snowed 1-3 inches. The girls went sledding in the park. I’m not sure how they did it with such little snow – but they took pictures for me to post.

Aside from the boon in sledding, in many ways the city has come to a dead stop. Yesterday we were thinking about going into town but I vetoed the plan. I was worried that the buses might quit running and we’d be stuck in town. And you know what – the buses did quit running yesterday so we dodged a bullet.

The sidewalks are treacherous! No one shovels; no one even brushes the sidewalks here. So the snow melts and freezes. The path in the park across the street has about 2 inches of ice over it. The driving seems worse. Most cars seem to have rear wheel drive. None of the side streets have been sanded or salted. They call that grit here. And the government reports that they have one day of grit left for Dublin. You can watch the cars not making it up inclines in the road.

It’s funny to hear people complain about the extreme cold her, except that we can see what a difference it makes to live in a place that’s prepared for cold. To start the heat here is kind of a binary – it’s off or on. It’s on during the day but off at night, which makes it brutal to get out of bed in the morning.

Also we’re bored. The girls have watched more TV in the last week that the previous 2 months combined. Tomorrow (Saturday) the whole family is going to into town if I have to capture stray dogs and a carriage to get there!

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