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Panto in Dun Laoghaire by Ann Treacy
January 17, 2010, 9:32 am
Filed under: Dun Laoghaire

We saw a great pantomime at the Children’s Theater in Minneapolis this year – but we just couldn’t pass up another one while we were here – especially since we needed a good indoor activity with the cold.

Last week went to Dun Laoghaire. We had a great lunch at the Purple Ocean. Regular readers will know that we very often have a nice lunch on Sundays with Irish Grandma. Once thing we’ve noticed is that the nice dinners are not as expensive as they used to be; nor are the restaurants as full. So we had a great-tasting reasonably prices lunch on the pier.

I was disappointed at how cold it was. I love walking down the pier – but it was just too yucky. I’ve had funny conversations with people here about the difference between the damp 20 degrees (F) here and -20 (f) back home. First I have to say that -20 is way colder than anything Ireland has ever seen. But 20 degrees in the rain and wind can seem a lot colder than a sunny 30 degrees. Last week was 30 degrees, rainy and miserable.

Anyways it was a perfect day for the panto – Scrooged. The quality of the production was probably not as high as back home; but it was fun. One thing that works much better here is the accent; you can say so much about a character with an accent. Even kids will pick up a ton about a character depending on their accent. Also kids here know how to interact; so there’s a lot more “oh no you won’t” type interaction.

Lily took some pictures of Aine on the stage and pictures of Dun Laoghaire…

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