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School started Tuesday by Ann Treacy
January 17, 2010, 9:35 am
Filed under: Dublin

After being cancelled until Thursday, school was un-cancelled on Tuesday. I don’t really understand how they (the government) could do that but then I didn’t understand how they could call a snow day 5 days in advance. It’s kind of crazy!

Regardless, we were all thrilled to get started. Lily and Kate are both back in their old classes, which is nice. They know most of the classmates. For new readers, the girls go to Our Lady of Good Counsel National Girls School in Johnstown. It’s the national school, which is kind of akin to a public school back home – except that the national schools are run by the Church. So they wear uniforms, there are religious statues throughout the school and they get two weeks off at Easter.

Lily is in 5th class, Kate is in 4th and Aine is a senior infant, which is a little different than kindergarten in that it’s the second year of school for the girls in her class. I think she recognizes some girls from Montessori, but no one is worse with names than Aine so we can’t be sure. We’re trying to catch her up with some home use of sight word flash cards. Subsequently Aine and I may drive each other crazy. (How can you *not* read [and] after the 43rd time?) Patience isn’t my longest suit. Luckily Aine is very easy going and doesn’t really feel bad when I lose patience with her.

Here is a picture of the girls in front of the school on their first day. They start at 9 am; as you can see it’s still dark. Aine is done at 1:40. Lily and Kate are done at 2:40.

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