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Young Scientists Exhibit by Ann Treacy
January 23, 2010, 12:29 pm
Filed under: Dublin

On Saturday the whole crew went to the RDS to see the Young Scientists show. It’s like a big high school science fair. I like what a big deal it is here. The winners are on the news and loads of local shows. In fact Aine recognized several of the exhibits because they had been on some TV program the night before. If it’s on TV, she knows it!

The winner created a smoke-free stove for use in third world countries. We also saw something on the science of playing the saw. We learned about microchips from the Intel booth. Aine learned about to perform some kind of CPR on a baby – so that’s helpful. We got to be in a clean room, which was fun because later in the week I had to do research on clean rooms for a client. Oh how science imitates life!

After the science fair we went into town. Due to colds and the cold the girls hadn’t been into Dublin yet. They were very happy to going into town. (We were not really born to suburban life.) We went to our favorite Market and had chocolate crepes. We saw some buskers as we raced through Temple Bar. We saw the Spire as we raced through the North side. The girls got jeggings (mix of jeans and leggings), which are a big trend here. I have to admit they looked better on than I thought they would.

We had lunch at Luigi’s Malones. I had heard that it was good for kids and it turns out that it is. They give American-size Diet Cokes. Also in their lower level you can see part of the original Dublin City Wall. The wall was part of a friary dating to 1260. Apparently two murders were committed in 1379 within the precincts of the Friary. We didn’t hear any ghosts, but we weren’t very quiet either.

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