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A weekend of kids theatre by Ann Treacy
February 26, 2010, 6:39 pm
Filed under: Bray, Dublin

Last weekend, we went to two children’s plays. On Friday night we went to see the Internal Teen Machine, the musical. A play put on for kids by kids. It was cute. The girls seemed to enjoy it. We took the girls’ friends Ailbhe and Cait. We had dinner before at the Fanciest McDonald’s in the world. (We have McDonald’s about twice a year so that was a treat of sorts.)

On Sunday we went to see The Girl who Forgot to Sing Badly at the Ark. We didn’t know it beforehand but it was a one man show. But it was one seriously energetic man! It was a great show. It’s the story of a little girl who saves the townspeople from cashing (in a boat) into a cliff. There’s not much point in giving away the story – but the staging was amazing. The little girls is a packer (she packs things, not a football fan) – and all of the props fit into a wooden crate that opens in a hundred different ways. (We have a picture of the star with some of our group here.)

We love the Ark but it always invites at least a little audience participation and there’s always one kid who takes it too far. And for some reason the parent does nothing to stop the mouthy kid! It’s kind of frustrating for the better behaved kids. Now my kids aren’t always the better behaved kids – but they do know when they’re taking it too far in a public setting – like mouthing off to an actor on stage. For those of us with normal boundaries it’s as cringe inducing as watching the Newlywed Game.

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