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Facebook Developer Garage by Ann Treacy
February 26, 2010, 6:36 pm
Filed under: Dublin

Last week I went to a Facebook Developer Garage. It was interesting. It was fun to hear from folks who develop application that run on Facebook. I phrase it that way because only one of the five who spoke worked at Facebook. If you’re a Facebook user, you know how Facebook changes periodically. Most of us find that annoying – well imagine how well that works for a developer. Criminy! 

I learned a lot about gamers. The biggest gaming demographer is women, aged 48. But as the speaker pointed out any real gamers (the 18 year olds we all imagine) are out playing real games on game sites. Facebook is kind of gaming junior. I’m not saying I’ve never been sucked in by a Facebook game – my super nerdy score of 150,000 on Word Play will attest to some playing. (Although I haven’t touched it in a year since I did get a little addicted.)

It took place at the Science Gallery – my favorite place in Dublin.

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