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We touched an Oscar by Ann Treacy
March 7, 2010, 8:38 pm
Filed under: Dublin

I thought this was timely – sadly I don’t have any pictures but…

On Wednesday we all went to see the Irish animated films that have been nominated for Academy Awards at the Irish Film Institute. What was fun is that the 3 films had representatives there to say a few words about each movie. The guy from The Secret of Kells was great. He was French, he accent was pretty thick, but he was clearly so happy to have been nominated that you had to be excited for him! So first we saw Granny O’Grimm (posted below – I got it from YouTube, I didn’t bootleg it!). It is very funny.

Then they showed The Door – but it’s not for kids, so we left the theater. (The movie is only 20 minutes.) So we were hanging out in the lobby and one of the IFI directors sort of took pity on us and started talking to us. Then she suggested that maybe we’d like to see an Oscar – and she let us hold it! The Oscar belonged to Josie MacAvin, she won it for set decoration in 1985 for Out of Africa. The Oscar is pretty heavy although it feels as if it isn’t solid. I’m not a big movie goer or follower but I have to say every year when I watch the Oscars I wonder what’s it’s like to hold one. Now we know.

After that big thrill we watched the third movie – The Secret of Kells. It is a beautiful movie. Again, not a movie goer, but I was happy to see it on the big screen. Coincidentally, we went to see the Book of Kells just a couple of weeks ago – so we had an added interest.

Quick update – last night Patrick took the kids to see Alice in Wonderland and everyone loved it. I worked, but that was good too.

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