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St Patrick’s Festival Scavenger Hunt 2010 by Ann Treacy
March 15, 2010, 11:12 am
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St Patrick’s Festival Scavenger Hunt is one of my favorite events of the year. This year 4 of us participated. Patrick stayed home to work, but that was good because he would just slow us down and the teams can only be 4 people.

I tracked the route on Google (today, that is not on race day). I must say, I did very well and our path was very close to the Google route. Google says we walked 7 miles and it should take about 2 hours and 22 minutes. It took us about 3 hours. I’m going to say we walked a lot more partially because I didn’t track out route from the bus, or include the diversions. (Never mind we stayed in town for 3 hours after the hunt walking around!) When we got back to home base they said we were in 30th place. Not bad! Along the route you can see lots of participants on the bus or in taxis, which is actually allowed although we think those people are wimps! We walk the whole way. Also few teams have a five-year-old.

I’ve included a map of out trails. We visited:

A. City Hall ->
B. National College of Art & Design ->
C. IMMA at Kilmainham Hospital ->
D. Lighthouse Cinema Smithfield ->
E. Hugh Lane, Parnell Square ->
F. James Joyce Center ->
G. National Library, Kildare Street ->
H. National Gallery Merrion Square ->
I. Number 29 Fitzwilliam Street ->
J. Wax Museum, Dame Street -> (this is actually wrong on the map)
K. Back to City Hall

We also had a diversion into Trinity and a few places along O’Connell Street to answer bonus questions. We had such a great time. The girls won loads of nice spot prizes – including free passes for the rides at the fun fair, which we planned to use the next day. (We found out that was about a €50 savings!) They got a silly hat, t-shirts, coupons, painted faces. They sang songs for the prizes. We had a little low point at the Georgian House (No 29) when we realized that in the thrill of winning carnival passes, we’d left our stamp sheet back at the National Gallery. So the girls got a few minutes to chill at No 29 and I got a chance to sprint back. They were well placed as there’s a café in No 29 and each visitor is asked to perform a party piece to get a prize – so they were well entertained.

We had visited most of the places before – but the Wax Museum was new to us – partially because it opened recently. I’ve added two pictures from the wax museum – one with flash and one without, so that you could see it as we saw it (without lights).

After the scavenger hunt we hung out in town. We had our favorite lunch at the Meeting House Market Square – dumplings, brats and crepes. We checked out some of the art around Temple Bar, which included a stuffed cat with a stuffed mouse coming out of his back end. I use the term art loosely here, as you can see. I did love the cardboard washing machines. Then we headed to George’s Street Market, since the girls had seen that on TV earlier in the week. And then we sort of winded our way back home. Sadly we ended up on the slow bus home – but that was OK. (That’s a highlight we don’t’ talk about much, ending a 6 hour day in town with a 45 minute bus ride home.)

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Sounds like a great day! I’m jealous. I’d love a good walk like that. Don’t get the chance round here.

Comment by Kevin Somdahl-Sands

The only time we walked that much at home was the RNC – and then we were being chased. I’ve been trying to think of ways to get some of the whole family walks going once we get back.

Comment by Ann Treacy

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