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St Patrick’s Day Parade by Ann Treacy
March 22, 2010, 2:41 am
Filed under: Dublin

We went to the big St Patrick’s Day parade – with 600,000 of our closest friends. The parade in Dublin is great – but it’s a huge crowd. We sort of wrestled with trying to keep the girls on our shoulders or at least a head above the rest. Amazingly we did get some good pictures – if we were only as tall as we could reach our view would have been great. It is amazing to see so many people in town.

After the parade we walked about the city a while and ended up with lunch at Bewley’s. Unfortunately poor Kate was not feeling well. In fact on Thursday we ended up bringing her back to the doctor. She got a few minutes on a nebulizer, which I think made her very happy. Then we got her some good medicine and with any luck she’ll be breathing well again soon.

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It was so much fun to see pictures of you at the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Ireland! Thank you sooo much for calling us at Nativity! The Kinders were so excited when I told them that you were on the telephone!
Springtime is here…enjoy it!
Greetings to your family.
Mrs. B

Comment by paula doherty bernabei

Hi mrs. B,
It’s Aine! I miss you! A couple days ago I went to the Leprachaun Muesem. I saw real leprachauns! I couldn’t really see them but the people said they hide under invisable cloaks. My mom is in mn for work right now. How was irish week? I hope it was good. Happy Easter!!

Comment by lily10q

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