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Give Cork City a miss by Ann Treacy
May 2, 2010, 8:00 pm
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I have friends from Cork so I feel a little bad about saying this, but if you an opportunity to go to Cork City, think about it before you say yes too quickly. I remember the last time I was there (with Anita & Darla) that we had a terrible time finding our hotel in Cork and that once we were there we didn’t see that much.

This time we stopped for brunch. We got a great parking place under a sign that said parking and went to find a place to eat. I needed a camera and went into 4 places where folks were kind of helpful. (Naturally I left an essential cord to my camera at home.) The last place he said he had a camera for €99 and proceeded to show me one for €129. I hate that sort of thing. (I ended up buying the €99 for €90.)

Then we had breakfast at some place where they could not have been nicer. They just kept bringing out the toast.

Then we went to the car to see that we had been clamped! (That means they lock your back wheel.) Apparently you can’t park under the big sign that says parking unless you “have a disk”, which I think means they do it to get income from visitors because having disk doesn’t mean that much to me and of course only the locals would have one. We weren’t the only clamped car we saw on the street and we weren’t there much more than an hour – if even that long.

Luckily we had a phone so we were able to contact the “vehicle immobilization” people quickly and within 30 minutes we were €80 lighter and on the road.

Next time, I’ll just be avoiding Cork city.

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