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Garinish Island by Ann Treacy
May 14, 2010, 4:02 am
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On Monday we went to Garinish Island – it’s a small island that we can just about see from the house; you have to take a ferry to get there – but it’s only about a 10-15 minute trip. On the way to the island we went by Seal Island, which really just seems to be a big rock where a few seals can hang out. But it was fun to see. When we boated by there were about 6 seals on the rock/island.

But back to Garinish, it is beautiful. There are gardens all over the island – in fact there’s a self-guided tour of them. We started off with lunch and then Lily navigated us very quickly through the gardens to any point where we might see seals.

While she might have not appreciated them – I actually took loads of pictures of the flowers and assuming I can get my real computer to work again (very sad story) I just might frame some of the pictures for my house. I won’t post them here though – since pictures without people tend to be a little boring. Bantry Bay is very shielded. Apparently the average annual temperature is 67 degrees. So the flowers are very different from what you might see in other parts of Ireland.

We did also get to a rougher part of the island where we could see seals. One was pretty close – the others were pretty fair away – but there were a lot of them.

The island also has some beautiful structures, which I will post online if I get my pictures off my real computer. It was a very cool place.

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