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Bantry by Ann Treacy
May 16, 2010, 7:07 pm
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We visited Bantry a few times. One night we had a great meal at O’Connor’s. Kate had seen it on TV last time we were in Ireland and we had heard from several people that it was good. And it was. We learned that mussels made with breadcrumbs, garlic and butter are even better than regular mussels.

One day we went to the market – and we were super lucky because there was also a horse fair happening. The market was great. The older girls got some jewelry made by Zulus in South Africa – Lily made sure that the artisans were paid well for their work. Aine got a Barbie. You could buy just about anything – from dead fish to live ducks and of course the horses. The most interesting sight was the busker – he had a piano on wheels and was playing it. That was a first for me. Also although it was chilly I saw one barefoot shopper.

Bantry seems like a nice little town – not as touristy feeling as Kenmare, although I spent a short time in Kenmare so it’s not really fair for me to say that.

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Sooooo jealous. I check your blog about once a month, though it can be tough to see all the fun/beautiful/interesting things you are up to. I of course know there are a lot of down times and travel pains – especially when traveling with 3 kids – but you seem to handle it all pretty well. Thanks for sharing.

Comment by Kevin Somdahl-Sands

Thanks Kevin. You know the kids are getting at an age (finally!) where the fun surpasses the work. No bottles, very little crying, and only rare bouts of motion sickness. I saw some younger families on Garinish Island getting on and off the boat with their double-strollers and I was so glad to be sitting in my seat!

Comment by Ann Treacy

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