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Ewe Sculpture Gardens by Ann Treacy
May 21, 2010, 5:49 pm
Filed under: Glengarriff

We spent a fun afternoon at the Ewe Sculpture Gardens just outside Glengarriff. We had read that it was fun for kids – but I have to say we all enjoyed it. It’s difficult to explain. It’s an interactive sculpture garden. There are parts that tie in with poetry some with ecology. Some of very nuanced and some are huge. It seems as if the owners of the property are artists and the garden is a continual work in progress.

They had the whole Calf Path poem (by Sam Walter Foss), which I had been reciting since we started driving on the roads that were cleared paved calf paths. They had the super creepy The Spider and they Fly poem – near a giant spider and web. They had some fun games and lots of other poems. There were milkmaids made of plastic milk jugs.

The garden opens up into a field that slopes up to the mountains and there are sheep up in the mountains – that adds to the effect. There’s a little river or really creek running through the yard, which you can hear from just about the whole garden.

It’s a very calm, very interesting place.

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