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Life Around Glengarriff by Ann Treacy
May 21, 2010, 3:25 pm
Filed under: Glengarriff

We led a very relaxed life for our week in Glengarriff. We read a lot. Aine got to watch some TV station called Pop Girl – a lot. Actually, poor Aine was sick during most of our visit. Not super sick – but watching TV was a good pastime for her. Also there was a play room full of girl toys.

There was a trampoline out back – and that saw a lot of action too. I think the girls reported that they jumped 2000 times.

At night we played games. We played Password and the game where you write down a bunch of famous people or movies on slips of paper, throw them into the box and then in two teams try to get your team to guess the names in your one-minute turns. They are both good games – it was fun to play them. Even Aine got into the act. We learned that games do not bring out a very friendly side to Patrick. And I think the girls played a lot of gin with grandma and grandpa.

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