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Black Church by Ann Treacy
May 31, 2010, 2:35 pm
Filed under: Dublin

So Patrick is done with his dissertation and he’s finding that it can be a little boring to sit around Cabinteetly all day. So we’ve been going on adventures. (And then I spend all night working to catch up with work.)

One day last week we headed up to the Black Church. The Black Church (actually St Mary’s of Ease) was built in 1830. Legend has it a person walking anti-clockwise with one’s eyes closed, two or three times around the church at midnight, reciting the ‘Hail Mary’ backwards will meet the Devil. We weren’t there at midnight. And somewhere Patrick heard that if you walk around three times clockwise that it’s good luck. We walked it – but so far I’m not feeling the luck.

The church as you can see from the pictures is black. It’s no longer used as a church. It’s now offices – and they’ve painted it very white inside. It looks pretty nice.

On the way to the to the Black Church we stopped by the King’s Inn on Constitution Hill. It’s a very old part of Dublin. In its day it was a very fashionable area – but not it’s all but derelict. You could see the former elegance of the buildings in the detail – when you could see around the boarded up windows. King’s Inn is designed by James Gandon – yes Patrick has dragged me to enough of these buildings that I actually recognize the names of the architects. I think the builds are still a law school.

After the Black Church we went to Trinity to see some dinosaurs. Apparently they’re in the geography building. We didn’t actually see dinosaurs – but we did see a giant moose-type skeleton. And as you can see from the pictures, we found the largest working door.

I nearly forgot our bonus lunch. We went to Cleary’s on O’Connell Street for lunch. Cleary’s is actually a department store but I had heard that the rooftop restaurant was kind of fun. Well as soon as we got there, they were giving away some vegetable slicer. Patrick was thrilled and sat through the whole State Fair-esque pitch. He received a free slicer and juicer for his efforts. And the lunch was pretty good. It was cheap (by Dublin standards, which doesn’t really mean cheap by MN standards) and good.

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