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Marino Casino by Ann Treacy
May 31, 2010, 7:39 am
Filed under: Dublin

I think Patrick needed a day off once I got back from Minnesota. So on Tuesday we voyaged out to the North side of Dublin. We went to Marino Casino. (Not a real casino – casino being Italian for little house.) It was designed by William Chambers for James Caulfield. It’s kind of a cool house – but I have to say the best part about it is how much the staff working there seem to love the house. Patrick may have been inherently interested in the house – but it was the enthusiasm of the tour guide and groundskeeper that got me into it.

One of the cool things is that the house is symmetrical. From the outside it looks as if it would be one giant room – but really it’s split up into four floors and there are several rooms on each floor. The original owners would have had a big house not far from here, more in town. So it wasn’t a place to sleep so much as a place for day trips and to show off artifacts he would have collected touring through Europe. The hardwood floors are striking. They aren’t ornate so much as just patterned.

The funny thing about the people was that when we left the groundskeeper was super encouraging about the job situation. I suppose he thought that we were making the most of our unemployment.

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