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Pint and Protest by Ann Treacy
May 31, 2010, 7:48 am
Filed under: Dublin

So there’s a new thing in Dublin – the Tuesday evening protests. It started when I was in Minnesota. Apparently the first one got a lot of publicity because someone got hurt.

The protest is kind of a hodge podge of people who think the government stinks. I think the main theme (if there is one) is the Right to Work. So it’s the labor union types that are attending. They have the protest in front of the Dail (where the legislators meet). The funny thing is that while the Dail has plenty of security, they seem to be resistant to close the gates during the protest. So the first week there was a minor storming of the Dail, which ended up with some woman getting hit – and injured. (She featured prominently in the speaker list of protestors on the day we went.)

So anyways, we hadn’t really planned on attending the protest – but we sort of walked by the scene of the incident just as they were getting ready. We weren’t sure of the time – but I was able to call Lily and she could do an easy search on Twitter to find out that the festivities started at 7:30. So we went into Buswell’s for a pint while we waited. (Buswell’s is a pub right across from the Dail.)

So it was kind of fun. I ran into a woman in the bathroom dressing up as Marie Antoinette. She was one of the speakers. She sat in the pub for a while and kindly let me take her picture. In fact after I asked a hoard of folks got their phones out for photos. (I think that picture was probably a highlight.)

The police were ready for the protest. There was plenty of security – some on horses. But is wasn’t say as outrageous as the Republican National Convention – so machine guns or storm troopers.

So we stayed and watched. It was kind of interesting. There were two woman protesting police brutality – I think they were just trying to stir up trouble (Not that I’m pro police brutality.) but when folks were marching away they tried to get people riled up enough to take some kind of action – like storm the Dail like the week before.

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