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Street Performer Festival by Ann Treacy
June 22, 2010, 7:07 am
Filed under: Dublin

One of our favorite things in Dublin is the Street Performer Festival – and the weather this weekend was amazing. We went to the Festival both days. Our highlights were the break dancers and the quick change artists, which we had seen on American’s Got Talent. The were kind of fun on TV – but amazing live. We were very close – as you can see from the video and I still don’t know how they could change so quickly. It was great.

There was a big world record set during the festival – the 1550 people on hippity hops. Sadly we were not a part of it. Patrick’s brothers are heading to town so I sort of knew we would have a difficult time getting there on time – but that was OK. It was packed so it was probably more relaxing to not be bouncing.

Instead of the hippity hops, we went to the Garden of Lights, which was a big structure almost like a bouncy castle but with tons of light coming through. The pictures from in there were very fun. If the girls become rock star we’re ready with their album covers. There structure was created by 5 French architects; there are a handful of similar structures touring for the summer. This was the smallest. It’s funny how relaxing it felt inside.

We did some of the art projects and played a ton of the wooden games, which was fun too. The best thing about the festival is the size. There are 11 stage areas, a giant whale, the Garden of Lights all centered around Merrion Square.

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