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Boat on the Canal by Ann Treacy
July 12, 2010, 3:18 am
Filed under: Dublin

On our last day in Dublin we had lunch on a boat (La Peniche) on the Grand Canal. The day was absolutely perfect – super sunny, not too hot, but warm. There were 10 of us, our gang, Shay and Rochelle, Mikey, Irish Grandma and Fearghal. We all ate upstairs in the sunshine.

They don’t usually cruise down the canal on Sunday, but we got lucky and they made an exception. It was so much fun to see how the boat moves through the various locks and dams. It’s a system of getting through one door, closing it until the canal fills with water, then going out the other door where the canal seems to run higher. (I know high doesn’t make much sense but that’s what it seems like.) Also we got to cruise under very low bridges. I think even Aine could touch the top/bottom of the bridge as we went under.

The food was gorgeous! I had duck pâté and sea bass. (In other words fancy food.)

Then we had some excitement towards the end of the meal. We were docked. There was another family on the boat. They had two girls about age 8. They were running around the boat and one of them fell in. Luckily her sister screamed. I started to run down the stairs but Shay jumped off the boat unto the land and was able to reach her in the water.

The water wasn’t super deep. She appeared to be able to stand or swim well enough but it was scary. I suspect the greatest real danger would be that she would get crushed between the boat and the dock. Also the captain said it was lucky that it hadn’t happened at we went through the locks since the water there would have been too deep to do anything. Since everything turned out OK it just added to the excitement of the day.

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