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Week of Theatre by Ann Treacy
July 12, 2010, 3:10 am
Filed under: Dublin

We were busy in our last week in Dublin. Patrick and I went to see two plays. First – Bookworms; it’s the story of a book club that invites the husbands to join one month. I loved it. It was very funny. It’s kind of how you would imagine a book club with boys – well if your book club actually discussed the books. In fairness, the book discussion happened off the stage, which is kind of what happens in my book club. It’s also a look at post-Celtic Tiger Ireland.

The second show we saw was more closely and obviously a commentary on post-Celtic Tiger Ireland. It was called Outsiders and was more of a monologue by David McWilliams. He’s an economist. And not to kill the ending but my favorite parts were when he talked about the economy of the good room. The idea being that everyone in Ireland grew up with a good room – the room that was way too good for family but where you had to sit when old relatives, priests or other important people came to visit. (In fairness, I think it exists in the US too but more in a grandma’s house.) Well the problem was that idea of the good room or keeping up appearances led the diplomats in Ireland to keep a façade of being able to afford the good times for longer than they really were.

He throws out a solution of encouraging Irish creativity and entrepreneurial spirit and relying on the Irish diaspora living all over the world to promote Ireland and Irish businesses.

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