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Minnesota State Fair Scavenger Hunt!!! by Ann Treacy
September 5, 2010, 3:24 pm
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Ag Building

  1. How big is the biggest pumpkin at the Fair?

All About the Animals

  1. 2. Get a picture of a baby animal.

  2. 3. How big the biggest boar is? (Remember the Swine Barn closes at 3:00.)

  3. Get a picture of everyone wearing pig ears from the Swine Booth.

Food Glorious Food

  1. 5. There are 59 things to eat on a stick at the State Fair. Keep a list of how many you see. (Bonus points for each one you try.)

  2. 6. What is the strangest food at the Fair? Was it good?

  3. Andy’s Beer Garden is a great place to hang out. They sing a song each half hour. What song do they sing?

Educational Building

  1. Get a calendar with a family picture.
  2. 9. Who is smart enough for MENSA? Visit the MENSA booth and see if you can answer any of the MENSA questions.

Creative Arts Building

  1. 10. Get a picture of all the kids with the healthiest food poster.

Dairy Building

  1. How many butter queens have they carved so far? Get a picture.


  1. Ride the Giant Slide at the Fair. (Be sure to have someone take your picture.)
  2. Visit the DNR fish pond. What’s the ugliest fish?
  3. Pick up as many school supplies as you can. (Each kid should have their own bag!)
  4. How many tickets can you win in the arcade? (Each kid gets $2; no spending your own money!)
  1. Get an autograph from a famous person. (Or get a picture of the team with a famous person.)
  1. What is your favorite part of the Daily Parade? (It starts at 2:00.)
  1. Get a bird’s eye view on the Skyride!

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