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Museum of Science & Industry by Ann Treacy
October 23, 2010, 8:43 pm
Filed under: Chicago

Chicago’s Museum of Science & Industry was my favorite place as a kid. It’s still great. We went with the cousins. We went to see the Jim Henson exhibit. It was fun to be so close to Miss Piggy and Kermit. Aine couldn’t actually name Kermit – but that was OK. I think she could probably have named Elmo . Betsy was selected to be one of the puppet volunteers, which was excellent. It’s tough to be a good ham as a puppet, but she succeeded.

One highlight of the trip was the egg incubator room. We actually saw a chick come out of an egg – that’s always fun!

We met the Museum blogger – which is a job I should have.

Aine and I went through the Net World exhibit. It was OK – but again, they should hire me to put together a good Net World/broadband exhibit. I could do a better job. They talked a lot about the difference between dialup and OC3 – but not so much about what you can do with broadband and what a difference broadband can make. I think they should have the Social Revolution YouTube video and some telehealth applications. Maybe doctors in training could be taking shifts examining people remotely at the Museum – now that would be cool.

We did like the game room – and we all loved the skiing games. We went to the weather area and learned about the Tesla coil – think a million volts of electricity and some great lightning. Aine and I toured the 727 – which seems a lot bigger than any airplane I’ve been on lately.

We left tired but a good kind of tired. Dinner in Greek Town spruced us up. They are so nice to families and kids in Greek Town. As soon as we sat down there were kiddie cokctails all around – then more bread and flaming cheese than anyone should have!

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