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Cinco de Mayo by Ann Treacy
May 10, 2011, 2:07 am
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Well I think Spring has finally spring. It was warm most of the weekend – in fact it was a total bonus since it was supposed to rain all weekend – really it only rained Sunday afternoon. We took advantage of the good weather on Saturday by checking out he St Paul Farmer’s Market. There aren’t a lot of vegetables or fruit – but there’s chocolate popcorn, flower and eggs. Actually there are sauces and things too and it’s always nice to be outside and see the fresh ingredients. And there were free hayrides. So we got a hayride around lower town.

Then we headed to the Cinco de Mayo Festival in East St Paul. By the time we got there it was genuinely hot, which was kind of fun. Our big thrill was when Aine was selected to be a contestant for the Radio Disney game.

Aine’s Brownie Debut by Ann Treacy
May 10, 2011, 2:05 am
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Aine and her Daisy troop had a bridging ceremony – they all crossed over to become Brownies. We are going to try to not lose her Brownie vest for the next bridging ceremony, which is probably two years away. We unfortunately did lose our Daisy vest. Or maybe we never really had one and what we really lost was Lily’s Daisy vest from five years ago. Luckily Aine does not mind details like a lost vent – just so long as we get to go to the party!

Easter Egg Hunt by Ann Treacy
May 10, 2011, 1:55 am
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It was nice to spend Easter at home – where the Easter Bunny has access to the usual candy. And we got to go to the neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt! The block over has been hosting an Easter Egg hunt for 11 years. It’s a very big deal. All of the kids are invited – it involves literally hundreds of eggs filled with treat and usually involves a visit from EB himself. It was a chilly day – but a chilly day in a cold spring can feel pretty darned good.


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