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Thank you driver for getting us here by Ann Treacy
June 19, 2011, 9:50 pm
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After the Coliseum, we went home refreshed a little, picked up Patrick’s mom and decided to try the hop on – hop off bus tour. It was exactly what we needed in terms of jetlag, fatigue and heat. It is hot in Italy, hot and sunny. (And a special note for my mom – no sunburn yet!)

We relaxed on the bus for a while – and hopped off to see the Trevi Fountain. We each threw our coins in the fountain. The Foundation is also spectacular – and the spray from it is a huge treat on a super-hot day. The Fountain looks like it’s coming out of a building. There were tons of people – but with a little patience you can make your way to the fountain or get a seat and kick back for a while.

A: 133 steps Q: How many steps in the Spanish Steps?

The Spanish Steps are just a short distance from the Trevi Fountain. The view from the top is fantastic. Also this is the area where Keats died when he was 25. I’m mentioning this mostly in Patrick’s honor. He found a Keats Museum for us – but (un)fortunately is cost 4 euros in so we missed it. Patrick recited a lot of Keats to us while sitting on the steps. We considered asking him to speak up and putting a hat in front of him for donations.

After the Fountain and the Steps we hopped back on the bus. In fact, we just kicked back and enjoyed the rest of the ride. Again it was the perfect answer to some tried tourists. I suspect each of us nodded off at some point during the trip but that as OK. We also got a nice perspective on Rome. Nothing beats the view from a double-decker bus. They played recorded messages about the areas as we drove through. None of the details spring to mind – but I’m sure my subconscious is much richer.

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I took that hop on/off bus myself last fall. I bought a dvd of the trip from the attendant to share with my family (who had been there a few years before) and to make up for what I did not absorb!!

When you get home, it would be fun to let you borrow it. 🙂

Comment by Laurie

It’s fun to realize we’ve been on the same tour!

Comment by Ann Treacy

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