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Actual London Sites on our Tour by Ann Treacy
July 3, 2011, 5:39 pm
Filed under: London

I’m glad that I was pretty good about maintaining the blog while we were traveling – now we’ve been in Ireland for a week and I’m working to remember what we did in London. We decided that we’d try a mix of sightseeing and shopping. (I thought we’d get our shopping done day one – but apparently that only whetted the appetite and the girls had things they wanted to go back and actually buy.)

We started on London’s South Bank. It’s a great place to see Big Ben, London Eye, the Thames – and there was some sort of festival going on so we got to see fun sculpture and arty, mini-houses, which were very much like the arty ice fishing houses we saw in Minnesota a few years ago – only not so cold. There was a huge hay fox. I took a close-up and a picture with Kate in it for perspective. Also we had a really nice lunch. Much nicer than we should have had – but we were making up for McDonald’s the day before.

Then we headed back to the other side of the River. We walked by Big Ben, Parliament (where you have to say – look kids Big Ben, Parliament – from European Vacation). It was a beautiful day and we took plenty of pictures. There’s a great picture of Aine in front of a horse at White Chapel.

We were going to walk to Buckingham Palace – but we decided we’d seen it before and Trafalgar Square would be better. Our timing was perfect – we got there, got some cute pictures and were able to duck into the Tate Gallery for the 10 minute rain shower. From there we headed back to Picadilly Circus, the toy store and up around Oxford Street. It was kind of fun to walk around that area since I used to work on Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road so I’ve done the walk a lot.

Eventually we made our way down to Covent Garden. We’d been there before but it’s always fun to see the people and the buskers. Then we decided we’d wind our way back to Euston Station – where we planned to get the train/boat to Dublin. Our funny bonus sight was walking by Pineapple Express. I shouldn’t even admit that we’ve watched it. I can’t even tell you where it is – but suddenly everything looked a little surreal and I realized I’d seen the street before – on TV.

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