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The boat to Dublin by Ann Treacy
July 3, 2011, 5:55 pm
Filed under: Dublin, London

I don’t have any pictures. I should have made some attempt to catalog it – but we got on the train at 7:00. We couldn’t get reserved tickets so we were watching the train station board to get the platform. And when it finally showed up we were quick. We had to be about the first people on the train. We settled into primo seats around a table. Sat back to relax and realized that we were in reserved seats. There was nothing on the outside of the train to indicate reserved seating – and by the time we realized it we have lost our first to the train advantage. SO we sat where we were.

There was a couple who walked by us – and I’m pretty sure we were in their seats and they took pity on us. So we waited for any other potential seat takers. And we waited. Eventually we realized that the train was overbooked. People were sitting in the aisles and we weren’t the only ones in reserved seats who hadn’t really reserved. But we got lucky and we got the seats, which was super lucky!

So we had a nice ride on the train all the way to Holyhead (Wales). We arrived around 11 – but that was OK because we had plenty of time to get on the boat. It left at 2:40 am. Really it was us, the mail and about 8 other foot passengers. We and the mail were sober.

The girls mostly remember people telling jokes on the way from the train station to the boat. I was getting afraid on the walk to the boat that we would be walking onto a boat from 20 years ago with benches for seats – fortunately it was a very nice boat. It was just a terrible time to travel. We were very happy to get off the boat in Dublin (no hassle in immigration), into a taxi and walk out into Cabinteely!

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