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Ill Fated Birthday by Ann Treacy
July 4, 2011, 1:31 pm
Filed under: Dublin

Mostly I like coming to Dublin – but one thing that makes it a little sad is that my normally perfectly placed birthday seems to fall while we’re here so often. And I don’t love spending my birthday here. Ever since everyone forgot it a couple of years ago I tend to at least mention it – but I don’t really make plans. (Mostly because the only thing worse than not celebrating would be planning to celebrate and having it backfire.)

The weather was really nice on my birthday. In fact, I think the weather was much better here than at home. We ended up going for a big lunch at the Italian restaurant near us. They no longer serve seafood chowder so I got lasagna. I figure that while lasagna is never great, it’s also rarely terrible.

After lunch we went into town. There was supposed to be a festival happening in the docklands. In practice – not so much. So we ended up walking to the far end of the docks for nothing. Except they have added a big Ferris wheel to the area. And clearly I had a momentary lapse of good judgment and decided that we should go on it. It just seemed like we ought to do something fun for my birthday. But some readers might not know, I am deathly afraid of heights. Both Lily and I are.

But we got on. The Ferris Wheel started to rotate. We went up and the commentary started. And then the wind picked up. I could feel the little cab shake and I could hear the wind. And the commentary told us we were 60 meters up. (To be honest, it would have meant a lot more to me in feet – but I knew it was high.) So I made Patrick push the panic button. And Lily and I alighted after the first rotation. The guy in the ground – who works there – said he hates heights too and never goes up. Could have used that bit of wisdom before we set out.

My day capped off a couple of hours later when Patrick gave me a size 16 skirt.

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Wow…size 16 huh? Hmmmm…well…Happy Biirthday?

Comment by Mary Popelka

The good news is that I can celebrate when I get home!

Comment by Ann Treacy

Oh Patrick … maybe he wanted you to feel extra slim by trying that skirt on! Ugh.

Comment by Jan Hepola

I wasn’t really polite enough to try it on. I did trade it in for a dress clsoser to my size a few days later.

Comment by Ann Treacy

Dont’ know what is funnier, the ferris wheel or thr skirt! 🙂

Comment by cheskabrit

The Ferris Wheel was my own fault – so I will accept responsibility there.

The skirt was purchased about 8 pm on my birthday. I rarely love presents bought in the 11th hour. (You have to be willing to write a much bigger check to get away with that!)

Comment by Ann Treacy

Oh my gosh, that was a great way to start my morning, with a few chuckles! 🙂 it was a late night here yesterday with the amazing 4th of July fireworks show with HUGE lightening storm in the background, followed by torrential rains and howling winds. Hope today is better!!

Comment by Beth

Ooh – and ahh! That sounds like a perfect 4th of July. We didn’t do much here – although the girls had friends over for American malts.

Comment by Ann Treacy

Fear of heights is genetic I am sure, my uncles all had it. I once got ‘trapped’ at the top of the silo. I was happy climbing up but was afraid to come down. Had to have my older cousin force my feet from rung to rung on the way down, also was so scared my bare feet were sweating. I have only once managed the big ferris wheel at the State Fair. My Dad, no fear, he became a pilot AND also was in charge of changing yard lights at all the local farms. Happy Birthday !

Comment by Denise

Climbing up is never as bad – I could see how that could happen! And there’s nothing worse than knowing that eventually you’re going to have to come down.

Comment by Ann Treacy

The ferris wheel story reminds me of the time Jane and I took a friend to the Leonard family beach cabin on the Delaware Beach. Friend Ann and I talked Jane into breaking her “beach routine” by going deep sea fishing on a little charter boat. As soon as we pulled away from the dock I heard a by-stander who was staying behind say, “Yeah, I could never do that… I get sea-sick.” That’s when I remembered, “Oh yeah…I get sea-sick too.” I spent the next four hours flat on my back in the hull of the boat, trying to not throw-up. And I was down there with friend Ann, meaning the only one of us who didn’t really have any interest in deep-sea fishing spent 4 hour up on deck fishing with strangers!

Comment by Lori Lippert

Lori that sounds terrible. Though I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who gets duped into things that sound like fun at the time.

Comment by Ann Treacy

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