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Zombies, Breakdancing, Roller Girls by Ann Treacy
July 26, 2011, 11:52 am
Filed under: Dublin, Wicklow

Yup just a regular Saturday for us – Zombies, Breakdancing, Roller Girls and more. Actually even for us last Saturday was a pretty full day. We started with the Dublin Zombie Walk in Stephen’s Green. There must have been thousands of zombies – it was great. Some people clearly spent hours on their makeup and costume. We spent quite a few minutes.

There were at least two highlights from the zombie tour. First it was great to see the zombies attack the buses. They just left trails of blood all over the buses and you could see that the people on the bus had no idea of what was going on. Then the zombies attacked St Ann’s Church on Dawson Street. It’s where Bram Stoker was married. Also it’s kind of a creepy looking church in its own right. Very cool to see the zombies against that back drop.

We left the zombies march after half an hour or so to see the Graffiti and Breakdancing Festival. It has grown in the last two years! The graffiti was great. We heard some great music – depending on who you ask. (Some people are old before their time!) The girls got to try Mountain Dew plus, which we later read was not for under 18s. I’m sure the extra surge was good for Aine.

Then a quick trip to Reptile World. Our friend John (who was with us) knows the owner, who unfortunately wasn’t there. Well I say unfortunately, but I don’t mean it. I feel we would have been even closer to the snakes and creepy crawlies than I ever want to be had he been there.

Then off to Greystones for the Roller Girls. Roller girls in Dublin is different. It’s much newer here – so the skating isn’t as good as back home. It’s more like the skating in St Paul was a few years ago. But the skating in Dublin is tough! The jammers try to knock each other over. Lots more hip checks than I remember in MN. Also the bout was in a gym – not the Roy Wilkins. I suspect that in a couple of years they will have moved into a better (read cooler) location – closer to the city and in a night club setting versus leisureplex.

(In fairness Greystones is beautiful and the trek out there was very pretty.)

Finally, we headed back to Cabinteely where there was an outdoor ceili dance. It was good – lots of local food vendors, music and plenty of people.

Then we fell into bed!!


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Sounds like great fun, all around. The Zombie walk, in particular. When I got home, I thought maybe zombies had taken over. Then I realized, Oh, yeah — I’m back in the West where everyone’s just really pale!

Comment by Rich Broderick

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