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Behind the Scenes of the summer trip by Ann Treacy
August 29, 2011, 2:17 am
Filed under: St Paul

I’ve been totally lax about the blog since we got home. For those who were worried. We did make it home. We stepped off the plane in Chicago and realized that Dublin isn’t hot or really even all that warm. My hope had been that we’d enjoy a couple of really hot days before the end of the summer. I’m happy to report that we have – not too many, just enough to make me feel like I had a summer.

One of the fun things I didn’t note much in the blog was how many old friends Patrick and I were able to see. I thought I’d add a few pictures.

We also saw family friends – or really friends that became family friends during our stays in Dublin – specifically Patrick’s adviser (Tony Roche) and his family. They were kind enough to have us to dinner, which is always brave of them since we usually stay forever.  This time the kids played blind man’s bluff, which made me laugh. I had to take pictures!

Also I had to add one of our new friends – the Garden Heroes. We brought these little stuffed fruits and veg everywhere with us. I was on a mission for a client to take picture of the Garden Heroes in fun places for their Facebook contest. But now the funny thing is that Aine kind of remembers where we were based on which Garden Hero was with us.

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