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Minnehaha – clear to the Mississippi by Ann Treacy
August 29, 2011, 3:05 am
Filed under: Minneapolis

I swear we have done more since we’ve been home but I just can’t remember it and/or have no photo proof. I must admit that even though I’m very glad to me home – things don’t seem as noteworthy here. And in fairness I have been working a ton – but we’ve been trying to get in some outings before school starts.

Last weekend we went to Minnehaha. First we had a fantastic lunch at Sea Salt. We had mussels, clam strips, shrimp and a bunch of other things that probably not all kids love – but we liked them all. The best thing about Sea Salt is that it’s all outdoor dining and we scored a great table with a sun umbrella. The funny thing was that the umbrella was bombarded by acorns the whole time. At one point Kate stretched out and she caught an acorn in the head; that sort of thing is always funny, even if it happens to you. Also we got to see some American Indian dancing throughout the meal. I’m not sure why folks were demonstrating the dancing – but it was fun.

After lunch we trekked down to the waterfall. With all of the rain it was pretty spectacular. Then we hiked around Minnehaha Creek. There’s a place where you can wade in the rapids. I’d say if you lost footing you might find yourself down river, but they’ve done a nice job over the last few years of fixing it up so that you no longer fear for wandering toddlers. (Often it seemed that while I may be worried for toddlers, the parents didn’t so I’m glad to have one less worry even if no one else is.)

Actually the area all around the Creek has been fixed up quite a bit. You can walk all of the way to the Mississippi, which is always fun. The River really is beautiful and you pass some cool caves and old bridges along the way.

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