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Scavenging the Stone Arch Bridge by Ann Treacy
August 29, 2011, 4:03 am
Filed under: Minneapolis

Today we went to the Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis. I found some “quest” online, which is sort of like a scavenger hunt but not as good. Actually while we were questing I saw a scavenger hunt sign for bikers with a QR Code and I was jealous – except that I really don’t enjoy bikes. I shouldn’t bad mouth the quest. It was kind of fun. The instructions took us around the bridge and the mill ruins. I learned that it only take 9 minutes for the lock there to fill up. I found that amazing because I also learned it was 9 million gallons. We saw the last couple minutes of a boat floating up – which was kind of cool.

I hadn’t been around the ruins much. I used to work very near there – but that was really before they started the serious excavation and fixing up. You can see pieces of old bridge, which given the proximity to the old 35W bridge is a little unsettling. But you can also see the various tunnels to the old mills and of course you can see the old mills as well. It is a nice way to stop and take a look at what a good job they’ve done of merging the new with the old. The Guthrie Theater fits right in.

We also walked up (above and beyond the quest) to the 35W bridge memorial. It’s very nice. There was a couple there who were very moved – so we were guessing that maybe they knew someone on the bridge. It is amazing to be reminded of how few people did lose their lives considering the size, height and busyness of the old bridge.

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