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Shakespeare at the Fringe Festival by Ann Treacy
August 29, 2011, 2:34 am
Filed under: Minneapolis

The Fringe Festival in Minnesota has been going on for about 15 years. Patrick had a play in the Fringe the first year – but since our participation has fallen off some. This year the girls and I went to two shows – but were Shakespear-related shows for kids.

First we saw Lost in Shakespeare. The premise is that kids time travel to Shakespearean times because someone (who also time travels) has been changing the plots of the plays to make then less tragic. So they try to warn Romeo & Juliet to save the bloodshed – but of course that ruins the story. It was a cute show with a lot of actors and activity.

The second show was Perchance to Dream featuring a sleeping Shakespeare whose imagination runs wild producing scenes and character introductions from various plays. Our cousin Jack played Bottom the Weaver from Midsummer Night’s Dream. Jack was very funny in the show and it’s always fun to know the funny one of the stage.

Both plays were fun opportunities to show snippets of shows, soliloquies and brief scenes that even kids would recognize. Both were done by and for kids. The witches from Macbeth featured highly in each production. I guess all kids must recognize the bubble, bubble babble. I watched Aine and her friend at Perchance to Dream – both girls are seven so I’m going to say their firsthand experience with Shakespeare would have been pretty limited – but they were both laughing at various parts. I on the other hand have seen tons of Shakespeare through the years, so for me it was kind of fun to see how long it took me to place each character and recall the plot of each show.

We’re definitely giving double thumbs up to both shows!

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