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State Fair Scavenger Hunt – the Hunt by Ann Treacy
August 30, 2011, 8:45 pm
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Every year the Treacy Family does a big scavenger hunt at the State Fair. Often I post pictures from the event and folks ask why I didn’t post the actual scavenger hunt early enough for anyone else to use. So this year, I’m posting. You’ll see it’s hardly a big challenge but it does get you through the Fair with a focus, which can save you hassles and money if you’re traveling with a rake of kids. 


Minnesota State Fair Scavenger Hunt 2011!!!


  1. How big is the biggest pumpkin at the Fair?
  2. Get a picture of everyone wearing pig ears from the Swine Booth.
  3. 3.       What is the strangest food at the Fair? Was it good?

  4. Get a calendar with a family picture.
  5. 5.       Where can you take a giant bubble bath?

  6. How many butter queens have they carved so far? Get a picture.
  7. Ride the Giant Slide at the Fair. (Be sure to have someone take your picture.)
  8. Get a Trading Card picture at the Roller Girl booth.
  9. Pick up as many school supplies as you can. (Each kid should have their own bag!)
  10. How many tickets can you win in the arcade? (Each kid gets $2; no spending your own money!)


  1. Get an autograph from a famous person. (Or get a picture of the team with a famous person.)
  2. Get a bird’s eye view on the Skyride!



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