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Family Visit to Occupy MN by Ann Treacy
October 21, 2011, 4:55 pm
Filed under: Minneapolis

We had an interesting Sunday last week. We went to the Mall of American where we saw Anne Burrell (from the Food Network) and Duff McKagan (from Guns n Roses) signing their books. Then we headed to the OccupyMN demonstration.

The girls were not necessarily thrilled to be going to a demonstration – since our last one was the RNC. I promised there would be no guns here, which they did not believe – luckily I was right.

Occupy MN was interesting. We were there during a quiet time, which gave us a better opportunity to check out everything. Everyone is camped out by the Government Building. There appear to be a hard-core group of people who are there full time, a group of people who probably come and go throughout the day – and then looky loos, like us. I have to give credit – we were welcomed in a friendly matter and folks were quick to thank us for our support. Nice!

I got a picture of the Committee Board, which I think gives a really good idea of how things seem to be down there. There are committees to handle different aspects of demonstration life – from food to sanitation to poster boards. There was a “teach in” going on while we were there. In essence it looked like a teacher (volunteer with knowledge or expertise) was sharing their knowledge with anyone who wanted to take part.

We ran into a friend there – RuthAnn. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that RuthAnn is north of 60. She’s a librarian and she has been on site for a few hours every day. She confirmed that we were there during a quiet time. She said most folks seemed pretty supportive of the effort – the exception being some Vikings fans who suggested that maybe the demonstrators get a job. But that’s some – not all of the fans – many were supportive.

It would be interesting to know how many of the demonstrators do have jobs – clearly the full timers probably don’t – but I suspect many other do work (or are retired, or are students).

I noticed that there were marketing and cohesive message committees. That would be a tough climb – as the Occupy Wall Street manifesto seems a little all over the place – although maybe that’s a reflection on society being a little all over the place right now.

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Very admirable taking your kids to this. I brought my kids to all the anti-war readings and events I organized and on a couple of marches. If nothing else, it made them both aware that there is an — uhm — alternative perspective to what they are presented by the media. Emma has turned into a very socially consciousness young person — she’s going off to Uganda in January to volunteer as a yoga instructor at an orphanage and boarding school — and Gabe at least doesn’t swallow the standard-issue corporate talking points.

Comment by Rich Broderick

I figure one of the important things to celebrate in the US is the freedom to voice your opinions – while it lasts. 🙂

Comment by Ann Treacy

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