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Pumpkin Trebuchet at Pumpkinland by Ann Treacy
October 21, 2011, 4:50 pm
Filed under: Minneapolis

The girls, Grandpa and I made our annual pilgrimage to Pumpkinland. We’ve been going for a few years. Grandpa and I are prepared for the year that the girls aren’t so interested – but as soon as we saw signs of fall, all three start asking about Pumpkinland.

There are some generational differences in trip highlights – but I’ll try to be fair in my summary.

We get to see (and hold!) baby chicks and bunnies. You know how grandpa and I are suckers for cute and fluffy! You get to ride in a go-cart kind of thing down a hill. Really I could spend my whole day doing that. Then there are contests – like sack races – ask me who the winner was. You can swing on the hay bale thing – if you’re under 14. And best of all is the pumpkin trebuchet. We love seeing the pumpkin catapult into the lake. Love to hear the explanation of how it works each year.

This year was definitely the warmest trip yet. It was unseasonably warm and we went a little earlier than usual. No stopping at Wal-Mart for mitten this year.

We also stopped by the largest ball of twine – in Darwin, MN. We love seeing that and playing on the playground across the street – where they have old school seesaws. Someone usually gets hurt and we are reminded why most places have safetied up community playgrounds.

We capped off the day to a visit to the cemetery – where my grandparents are buried.

A fun family tradition!

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I miss getting to do things like this with my kids. Both Emma and Gabe used to love picking out pumpkins and going to the apple orchard in the fall. Now Gabe will only go if he can skateboard between the rows of apple trees.

BTW, do you know about the Hallowe’en program at Gibbs Farm? It’s only once a year and you have to reserve space, but it is far and away the best such event I know of in the Twin Cities and just right for kids the ages of yours. Great storytelling and a perfectly pitched level of spookiness — enough to raise a few goosebumps but not high enough to cause nightmares. I highly recommend it.

Comment by Rich Broderick

I’ll have to look into the Gibbs Farm thing. It sounds great. We tend to do a lot of Halloween stuff – maybe to soak up the last of the sunshine – so it’s good to know about lots of options.Thanks!

Comment by Ann Treacy

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