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A Wrinkle in Time by Ann Treacy
November 25, 2011, 12:34 am
Filed under: St Paul

Did you read A Wrinkle in Time as a kid? It’s the best book ever. And it’s really a lot more scifi than I normally like – or have ever liked. I don’t want to blow it for you if you haven’t read it – but the idea is that you can travel through time by folding time as you might fold a table cloth. So if you think of an ant crawling from one end of a table to another – you can picture creating an easy shortcut by folding the tablecloth so that the two ends meet.

Anyways, A Wrinkle in Time was showing at the Children’s Theatre and I saw that tickets were on sale so I got them. Aine and I liked the show – the others are all theater snobs. I was surprised they didn’t like it more. To start, it was all a lot more Dr Who than I remembered. (I am not a Dr Who fan; everyone else in the house is.) The special effects were a little seizure inducing – but I think you have to do something to signify moving through time.

The main character is pretty whiny. I think maybe that cut just a little too close to the bone for our middle schoolers.

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