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Corn maze in the rain by Ann Treacy
November 25, 2011, 12:26 am
Filed under: Minnesota

Some of us *love* to go to corn mazes. Some of us don’t. Some of us rock with maps. Some of us don’t. All of us love a good corn pit.

So we headed to a corn maze despite the iffy weather. The good news is that we got to spent some time jumping in the corn pit. If you haven’t ever gone corn pit diving, you should. It’s super fun. It’s like a tiny massage for your feet – so long as you don’t run in your socks. Word to the wise – running in a corn pit will hurt later. Also an unexpected bonus of a corn pit is that you will find corn everywhere for days following your trip.

Sadly it started to drizzle when we headed to the corn maze. Some of us (Patrick, Lily, Kate to name names) wimped out almost immediately. The tough (me and Aine) held on – but eventually our map started to disintegrate in our hands so we had to give up. In case you haven’t been to a corn maze – the idea is to get answers from various marked posts in the maze. In this maze the answers were actually only questions related to baseball. So we weren’t really getting many of the answers anyways. And I think Grandpa was not sad that I quit calling to ask random questions about the Twins.

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