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Halloween in Hidden Falls by Ann Treacy
November 25, 2011, 12:23 am
Filed under: St Paul

Im in the car for a while so finally have some time to catch up on the blog starting with the super cool Halloween show we saw. It was in Hidden Falls (shores of the Mississippi in a park any Highland Park kid would know). A group called Barebones does a great outdoor show every year. Every year I swear were going to go. This year we did!

To start, the show is outdoors at night. Its a full performance, puppet, dancer, acrobat show and the audience moves with the show. An impressive feat considering the huge crowd they got. The show began in waiting room for the afterlife, which was run like an HR meeting. The premise is that a jet from Japan was scheduled to crash, but didnt. So room in the afterlife has opened for those of us in limbo. So the good news is that were headed for some place good; the other news is that were headed for a Buddhist afterlife.

Then the book of the dead is stolen and once that happens were stuck in limbo and no one on Earth can die. The visuals were great. Lots of good vs evil type stuff. People on stilts, acrobats hanging from trees, huge structures unfolding and live music. It was a chilly night but that was OK since we were sitting very close. It was a great show for families although with the trekking around in the park, I felt bad for folks with strollers.

Its definitely on my must-do list for next year!

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