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On a Clear Day – we could see 20,320 feet by Ann Treacy
February 24, 2012, 2:04 am
Filed under: Alaska

Sunday was our last full day in Anchorage. So we made the very most of it! We headed north towards Mt McKinley. The day was perfect. It’s was crystal clear – and not really cold.

We could see Mt McKinley nearly the whole drive. From a great distance is looks like a small floating mountain. But I suppose that’s really just the top above the clouds. The weather on the mountain can be -22 F in the summer!

We drove through Wasilla – but we weren’t able to see Russia. Maybe we didn’t look hard enough. We did see that while the setting is beautiful, Wasilla isn’t the most attractive town you’re ever going to meet. We drove through to get to Talkeetna, which is near-ish to the Denali State Park. I say near-ish because really I just couldn’t get over how large Alaska is. From Talkeetna we had an amazing view of Mount McKinley. It was pretty spectacular. We also stopped into the Denali Brewing Company tasting hut. The beer was very good and the guy working there super friendly. Especially after it was established that his dad was Irish.

On the way back we saw a moose. John, who is kind of a fearless driver, stopped on the highway and backed up so that we could get a good picture of the moose. Very fun to see!

Eventually we made it back to Anchorage. Had a very nice dinner and saw a band. All in an effort to be tired for the plane ride home the next day. The plane ride is about 6 hours.

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