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Cash Mob – Easter Bunny – The Walker by Ann Treacy
June 16, 2012, 10:56 pm
Filed under: Minneapolis, St Paul

We really had a gorgeous spring, which meant lots of good walking early and thankfully I still have one kid who will walk with me. Aine and I planned a day of walking. Out plan was to go to a Cash Mob up on Grand Avenue. I think it was probably about 2 mile away from the house – so that made for a good walk. For those not in the know – a cash mob is a reaction to the nefarious flash mobs (where people get organized to all run into a shop and wreak havoc). With a cash mob the idea is to get a group of people to patronize a local establishment at a given time. It’s kind of fun – although it seems like they pick some pricey places to visit. We went into a high end cooking sort of store, which doesn’t have a large appeal to either of us. But we were able to buy some tasty treats.

On the way up we ran into the Easter Bunny. That’s doesn’t happen every day.

After the cash mob, we dragged Patrick to The Walker for family day and to see the Reality show – OK I can’t really remember the name now – but the idea was everyday items in different scale. So we saw 3-story chairs and an 8-inch elevator. We also found a friend for Patrick. His comment on the picture – spot the State worker.

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