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Art a Whirl by Ann Treacy
June 17, 2012, 1:01 pm
Filed under: Minneapolis

Had a very fun day at Art a Whirl with Aine, Anita and Will. We saw some very fun art – including a strange performance piece where a half naked, almost Victorian-type woman wrapped bandages around the head of a
Her subject a non-slim-Jim who was also mostly naked. Then her carefully cut off the bandages. I’m sure there was some seriously deep message that I’m just way to shallow to get. We also got to climb on some of the art, which is just about my level of deepness.

We got to ride a trolley – a blue one as a recall, which met Will’s approval. We got a walk a bit, which always meets my approval.

Then Anita and I ditched the kids for a very fun show at Psycho Suzy’s. We had some very healthy food – baby hotdogs, wrapped in bacon, with brown sugar – then we went to see 4oftheFloor. The good news – we ran into friends John and Troy. The bad news the rains came pouring down right before the show. The good news they moved the show inside and somehow we were able to scam out way to the front of the queue and subsequently scored the best dancing spot in the place! A good time was had by all – or at least by all who were able to scam themselves into the small stage area.

Topped off the night with more healthy food at the Sample Room. Dancing is thirsty work!

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