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The junkyards of Edinburgh by Ann Treacy
June 17, 2013, 1:13 pm
Filed under: Edinburgh, Scotland

For my friends Amy and Camille who are not on Facebook! I knew if I just posted the picture there you’d never see them. So it may take a week or so before I wrote up all of my TED notes, I figured I could at least write up some of the non-conference details.

Today we have a late start for the TED Global conference, which is super nice as it gave me time for a good 2-hour walk.

Edinburgh is a gorgeous city. All tallied I have spent about 3 weeks here and have seen loads of beautiful things. But beautiful doesn’t always fill 2 hours so today I decided to walk to the  sea. So I set off from my hotel (which is amazing and super centrally located) and headed north. I love UK cities so it was fun to walk by the regular shops and pubs, and off licenses and tattoo parlors – although I soon realized I was walking by more pubs and tattoos than say libraries.

Then I got close to the sea, which it turns out is pretty industrial. To be fair I knew the potential for industry so close to the city. But it was a great opportunity to check out a Scottish junkyard, landfill and recycling center. (Wish I could capture a smell in a camera!) But all of that industry is just a short walk from the sea!

The highlight was walking between the sea and the storage rental spaces. And those of you who know me well will know that I don’t love dogs. So image my delight when I could hear the mean storage security dogs going crazy as I walked past their domain.

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Only you would put it so succinctly. The tattoo parlors and bars were more plentiful than, say libraries. LOL

Comment by Laurie

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