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Tobermory on the Isle of Mull by Ann Treacy
June 25, 2013, 2:13 am
Filed under: Scotland

From Oban we took the ferry to Tobermory. From remote to remoter! Again a beautiful place.

We took a boat tour to try to find basking sharks. Sadly no luck!! But the boat was fun anyway. We did get up close and personal with a school of dolphins, which was fun. And we saw an eagle, which I suspect is a bigger thrill if you won’t live by the Mississippi. And we saw some seal. Apparently the boat we took has seen 5 whales this year and has seem some basking sharks BUT the season has been too cold for them in general. They are present when the plankton float to the surface.

Ironically my friends in Girvan had recently seen basking sharks near their place, which was sort of comforting to me. Because while I may not get to Tobermory again, I feel like Girvan isn’t an impossibility.

We took a fun walk to the Tobermory lighthouse – and got caught in our first rain of the trip. It was more of a heavy mist so we didn’t’ really mind. Well we didn’t mind until we ended up in a freshly mown golf course and no signs of the trail! Luckily we found our way and there was by some miracle a pub near the end of the road.

We also had a really nice meal at the Galleon Grill – just off the main drag. Mary tried and liked the local whiskey. All in all a great visit!


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