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Berlin with Lily: Alternative City Walking Tour by Ann Treacy
March 8, 2014, 5:29 pm
Filed under: Berlin

While we enjoyed the historical tour of Berlin – both Lily and I were even more impressed with the alternative walking tour, which featured lots of street art and underground areas. I’ll start with the highlight – we saw Banksy graffiti! We also saw some JR work, which thrilled me. He does large scale portraits of people from the community – by large scale I mean 10+ stories! We saw Blu – which was maybe my favorite. One important distinction between street art and graffiti – graffiti is not sanctioned and is usually done clandestinely. Street art is much more in the open and may even be commissioned.

One of our favorite memes was Little Lutzi – she is painted all over town trying to kill

We also the East Side Gallery, which is a long stretch of the Berlin Wall, now covered in murals. Some of them are fantastic, some are political, some are very OK. Also near that area is a park/you club sort of area. We were in the minority here being native English speakers and being white. There was a soccer pitch, space for skateboarding, cafes, more art. I think Lily could have hung out there all day. We did get a flavor of how young and vibrant Berlin is. There is a real excitement in the city.

On our own we checked out some second hand shops and walked about an extra 10 miles. Just what Lily wanted – but she was a good sport. We didn’t eat a ton of the native cuisine – although we got a healthy and unusual (by US standards) breakfast each day. Actually the breakfast was good – no cereal, pancakes or baked beans but plenty of fish, meat and pastries. It was enough to keep us going most of the day.

While we left I could see that Lily was making her plans to get back to Berlin – probably without her mom.

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