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Personal Tour of Belfast City Hall: aka we met the Mayor of Belfast! by Ann Treacy
March 8, 2014, 11:17 am
Filed under: Belfast

OK I’m on a bus to Belfast – months after this summer visit but I’m going to make a real effort to catch up the blog a little bit while I’m on the bus today. Last summer Mary and I got the best hook up from my friend Bobby. He got us in with Councillor Mary Ellen Campbell to give us a personal tour of Belfast City Hall. I’d been in the building a few times in the past – but never for a personal tour! Mary Ellen is Sinn Fein – and the Lord Mayor is Sinn Fein, subsequently we got a very Sinn Fein tour of the building, government and history.

It was interesting to see what Sinn Fein was doing to try to balance the Irish and English threads of Belfast’s history. Efforts were being made to blend the gold, green white with the red white and blue. Some efforts seemed more successful that others – I was impressed that there was definitely an effort for blending though – not replacing. Also we heard about how open Sinn Fein is. We missed the big Gay Pride Parade by just a few days. Apparently, outside of St Patrick’s Day, it is one of the largest events of the year – bringing in lots of tourism and the event is embraced by the local government.

Our super score was a quick visit to meet the Lord Mayor, who gave us super fun gifts and snapped up a quick picture for Twitter. So it’s not every day I get Twitpicked with anyone famous. It very much made our day!!

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