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Surprise trip to London by Ann Treacy
March 8, 2014, 5:57 pm
Filed under: London

Lily and I got to take her Irish Grandma to London to see Lily’s Uncle John. I have to tell the funny story on Irish Grandma, although it’s not really an apt reflection of her. Irish Grandma is very smart and usually on the ball – but I think she gets a little tangled up when traveling. We flew to London in the morning. Took the Underground to Earl’s Court, since I knew that’s where John lived. We get up on the street and Irish Grandma tells me she forgot the address and phone number in Dublin. Hmmm. It’s noon in London, which means 6 am in Minnesota. Irish Grandma suggests we ask a police officer. I think if the police know where Uncle John lives we are definitely turning back. I can’t make a call from my phone out of London (hadn’t planned on being in London and therefore hadn’t marked it as a possible call-from city) but my data plan works. Unfortunately there’s only one person I know who’s up at 6 am and he’s not on Facebook.

So Lily learns how to make a collect call. We find a phone box, reverse the charges and make Grandpa think he’s gone into a time warp. But Grandpa is able to reach Patrick who is able to get us John’s address and within 10 minutes we’re back on the road to Uncle John’s!

We have a nice lunch and then Lily and I are turned loose on the city for 4 hours. We have a fun afternoon with a couple of art galleries (snuck a peek at the David Bowie exhibit) and a walk around some of the fanciest secondhand stores we have ever seen. (Think Sloane Square!) It was a fun day.

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