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Tweeting and Snapping for the Women’s March MN by Ann Treacy
January 22, 2018, 5:22 pm
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Yesterday Aine and I volunteered to help with social media at the Women’s March MN event. It was awesome. She ran the SnapChat. I ran Twitter. We posted pictures, quotes, videos. It was a great way get involved and stay engaged. They were thrilled to have someone young enough to be proficient in SnapChat. And nothing I like better than live Tweeting a conference.

There was some controversy – mostly because this was an event with performers and speakers, not a march. It was indoors and required a ticket. It sold out, which meant there were people who wanted to go but couldn’t. The goal was to deepen the motivation and encourage action from a stronger base rather than reach out to wider base. That wasn’t my decision. The event is run entirely by volunteers so I think whatever happens is great.

The biggest thrill was meeting the woman who was 102 (and 2/3) . She had a great sign and had been one of the early directors of Planned Parenthood – in the 60s. That’s a tough chick! And she was thrilled to be meeting so many young people. Then we heard from women of all walks of life – elected officials such as Ilhan Omar, the first Somali-American Muslim legislator elected to office in the United States, Andrea Jenkins and the first African American openly trans woman to be elected to office in the United States. There were performers like Soul Beautiful and K.Raydio. And there were activists such as Leslie Redmond – who had been married earlier in the day. That’s dedication.

Rather than try to recount the whole afternoon, I thought I’d share quotes and pictures we shared yesterday on behalf of the group:

  • People want to work with people they like – first step – get out and get to know people! @LegallyBlack18
  • “I honor the women before. She always speaks for truth!” @KorinaBarry
  • “Don’t be an ally – be an accomplice! Together we rise!
  • @namd4kids
  • “You must look into your heart. Know where you are missing the mark. Actions are born of self-determination. ” @libritos
  • “I was raised to believe that women have a rightful seat at the table. That women were the past, present and future!” @IlhanMN
  • “I come with too many invisible treasures … I am a refugee and I challenge humanity” @ifrahMansour
  • “Bodily autonomy is a basic right! Women can decide what is best for ourselves and our families. Consider this when you vote!” @karenkellylaw
  • “We’re here to let our elders know we haven’t stopped. We’re still going. Pass the message onto the next generation – you are strong and mighty”
  • @MariaIsa
  • “What if love was the most powerful word in the language. Love, Love, Love Love…” @annapoetic

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