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Art in Arizona – street art and art crawls by Ann Treacy
March 31, 2018, 1:12 am
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After our hike today we had lunch near downtown Phoenix at Roosevelt Row. It’s an areas with a lot of murals and street art. Grandpa noticed that the sidewalk walk built in 2017. Often a sign of sprucing up an area. The community has a university-hipster feel. There’s a lot of building happening. But there are some boarded up buildings and we saw a fire truck come support a person who clearly had been outside too long – living outside I mean.

So it’s a community in flux, but it’s fluxing up. Also it looks as if it hasn’t yet gotten rid of all of the long term residents. It’s never sad to see a crack house leave (and apparently the area had its share at one time) but you hate to see regular citizens get the bump – better to have a good mix.

We also had an opportunity to check out the art in Old Town Scottsdale last night. It’s a very different scene. Expensive art to buy, but some free wine (which we didn’t have). It was fun to check out some of the kitsch. We left about 9 pm; I’d say that place can get a little rowdy, especially in spring break season after 11.

Forgot to mention – dinner at In and Out, a special request from Aine. The same girl who had filet mignon, lobster and caviar the night before!

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Neat stuff!

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