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Getting out the vote in Northern MN with Love Vote Rise by Ann Treacy
October 19, 2020, 10:14 pm
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You know what qualifies has high excitement during a pandemic? A day trip to Duluth to hand out awesome posters to get out the vote!!

So we got the team back together. My dad drove and I worked as we went from St Paul to Duluth and back. It’s the type of trip we might do a dozen times a year outside of a pandemic.

We handed over more than 200 Love Vote Rise posters to some awesome locals who will now take on the tough job of sharing them around town. I think we’ve nearly hooked a connection to get a few of them over to the Iron Range too. And if that doesn’t work, my friend Mary Magnuson transported a bunch of posters from St Paul to Grand Rapids yesterday; we’ll make that work.

It’s the power of the people. The whole Love Vote Rise is a demonstration of the power of the people. It’s an all-volunteer social justice art installation of posters and light shows (think bat signals calling you to use your super power to VOTE!). It’s headed up by artist Leon Wang. (Learn more.)

If you want posters or have a great location for a light show – please let me know!!

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